Re-Usable Intermediate Cables

Designed to be reliable and compatible with all of the major RF Lesion Generators

Re-Usable Intermediate Cables

Minta® Intermediate (Adapter) Cables have shown over many years of feedback and intelligence to be thoroughly reliable. Minta® Intermediate Cables are compatible with Neurotherm, Radionics, Baylis (Halyard), Cosman, Smith & Nephew, Stryker, Owl (Diros), Top, Apro Korea and other RF Lesion Generators when used with Minta® RF Electrodes.

These High Quality, state of the art, Intermediate Cables are available direct from Minta Medical with Significant Cost Savings.

To purchase Minta® Intermediate (Adapter) Cables along with the relevant Electrodes and Cannula, please contact us or complete the request a quotation form


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