Minta RF Electrodes help people to live better lives
and Improve their overall Health and Wellbeing


Minta Medical have designed and manufactured high quality State of the art RF Electrodes since 1988, for the life changing treatment of Chronic Pain. 

Minta® RF Electrodes help people to live better lives and improve their overall Health and Wellbeing

The comprehensive range of Minta® RF Electrodes are compatible with Abbott (Neurotherm), Boston Scientific (Cosman), Avanos (Baylis), Stryker, Radionics, Smith and Nephew, Diros(Owl), Top, Apro Korea and Other RF lesion generators.

Minta Medical offers a range of RF Adapter Cables to connect direct to the RF Generators. 

Minta® RF Electrodes are compatible with all brands of RF Cannula.

A confidential RF Electrode design and manufacturing service for RF Generator manufacturers is available along with customer branded products.

Minta Medical are a progressive company, continually improving their designs and manufacturing capabilities. All Minta products are designed and manufactured at their own purpose built UK site to ensure complete quality control.

Minta Medical’s expertise and experience has been vital in the role of being actively linked with Pain Management Research Centres to assist with new innovative devices.

Minta Medical are committed to providing excellent service and loyalty for their long term international partners.

Minta Medical's manufacturing expertise has resulted in helping people live better lives and improve their overall Health and Wellbeing

History of Minta Medical

In 1988 Dr. J. Ker of King Edward VII Hospital, Midhurst was carrying out a study into the treatment of low back pain when he approached Minta to ask if they could design and develop a Radio Frequency (RF) Thermocouple Electrode for use in Pain Treatment.

Bob Edwards, now Chairman at Minta Medical Ltd successfully designed a RF Electrode with unique features for re-usable or single-use which, following trials, was used shortly after in the UK. On 29th April 1991 Minta received their Statement of Inventorship from The Patent Office registering the unique features of this Electrode design.

Minta allowed RDG Medical (Neurotherm), the use of their Intellectual Property Rights to re-label and distribute the Minta® RF Electrodes worldwide. In the year 2000, Minta Medical were responsible for the design of the first ever single use (Disposable) RF Electrode available which was also later re-labelled and sold under the Neurotherm brand.

Minta Medical’s Post Market Surveillance records show that Dr. J.C.D Wells estimated that the Minta® Re-usable RF Electrodes could be used over 100 times. However, with the climate of Hepatitis and Aids there was a greater need to protect both the patient and the medical personnel involved, indicating that the disposable (single use) RF Electrode would be the way forward in the UK.

In 2004 Minta Medical released their Disposable Cordotomy RF Electrode with temperature monitoring for mesothelioma pain relief. Minta® RF Electrodes have been used by 70% of all UK Pain Management Clinics with various RF Lesion Generators.

Since September 2007 Minta Medical were no longer using Neurotherm to distribute their RF Electrodes due to strategic differences between both companies since Neurotherm were acquired by their new U.S. owners. This decision created the opportunity for International Pain Management Clinics to purchase and use the identical design RF Electrodes DIRECT from the UK legal manufacturer, Minta Medical, with significant cost savings.

Pain Clinics using other types of RF Lesion Generators use the high quality compatible Minta® RF Electrodes with an approved Minta® RF Adapter Cable for safe use with their Generator. 

The state of the art, CE marked & FDA approved Minta® RF Electrodes continue to provide exceptional clinical performance and continue to lead the way in pain management electrodes. Minta Medical acknowledges with great appreciation the work of DR John Ker and Dr Chris Wells who assisted in the initial testing of Minta® RF Electrodes.

Quality & Regulatory

Minta Medical operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016 for the following scope:

The design and manufacture of sterile single-use and non-sterile-reusable RF thermocouple electrodes and sterile single-use probes for percutaneous electrical stimulation of nerves.

Minta® RF Electrodes are designed and manufactured under the requirements of MDD93/42/EEC and MDR 2017/745. 

Minta® RF Electrodes are CE marked and FDA approved.