Post Market Surveillance
Minta Medical regularly assess the clinical performance of their RF Electrodes with post-market surveillance and would welcome feedback and intelligence from their use.

To help with this it would be most appreciated if the following questions could be answered which will assist us with our continual improvement programme.


    History Duration of Use (required)

    Please indicate approximately how many years you have been using the Minta product listed above. If known, please use the specific name of the device, model, size, etc. Please include the names and/or types of procedures you use the products to perform.

    Performance Feedback (required)

    Please make a short statement giving your feelings on how the device has performed during the time that you have used it. Are there advantages of using Minta Medical's device as compared to competitors? Is the device up to date with the current state of the art? Have you had any adverse events occur during the use of the device which were caused by the device?

    Safety Efficacy (required)

    Please summarise your opinion of the device in respect to its safety and effectiveness compared with other devices currently available? Is the device effective for its intended use?

    Benefits of Use versus Risk of Use (required)

    Do the benefits of using the devices out-weigh the risk of using the device? Are there any unique benefits of performing procedures using this device? What would you consider to be the biggest risks of using this device?

    Limitations of the Device/Procedures Using Devices (required)

    Please indicate any generally known limitations of the device, or limitations that you've experienced personally that may not necessarily be known.

    Acceptability of Packaging (required)

    Do you feel the packaging is acceptable to present into the sterile field?

    Acceptability of IFU/Labelling (required)

    Do you feel the content of the IFU & Labelling addresses all appropriate Contraindications, Warning, Precautions and Suggested Instructions for Use? Would you add any Additional Information to the IFU or Labelling supplied with the device?

    Summary (required)

    Please summarise your overall feelings of this device and include any other comments that you feel is appropriate, including, are there any improvements you consider could be made to the actual design of the device?


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