Re-Usable RF Electrode

Designed for Accuracy and Reliability

Nitinol RF Electrode

Minta® Nitinol Re-Usable RF Electrodes have shown to have exceptional clinical performance.

Their performance is controlled with high accuracy calibration for consistent lesions.

Minta® Nitinol Re-Usable RF Electrodes are designed for Accuracy and Durability with additional flexibility to withstand the most damaging situations from daily use and repeated autoclaving.

Minta® Nitinol Re-Usable RF Electrodes are compatible with Neurotherm, Radionics, Baylis (Halyard), Cosman, Smith & Nephew, Stryker, Owl (Diros), Top, Apro Korea and other RF Lesion Generators.

These High Quality, state of the art, RF Electrodes are available direct from Minta Medical with significant cost savings.

To purchase Minta® Nitinol Re-Usable RF Electrodes, please contact us or complete the request a quotation form


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