Re-Usable RF Electrode

Designed for Accuracy and Durability

Minta® Re-Usable RF Electrodes have shown over many years of post market surveillance to have exceptional clinical performance.

Their performance is controlled with high accuracy calibration for consistent lesions.

Minta® Re-Usable RF Electrodes are designed for Accuracy and Durability.

Minta® Re-Usable RF Electrodes are compatible with Abbott (Neurotherm), Boston Scientific (Cosman), Avanos (Baylis), Stryker, Radionics, Smith and Nephew, Diros(Owl), Top, Apro Korea and other RF lesion generators.

Minta® Re-Usable RF Electrodes are manufactured for compatibility with all brands of RF cannula.

These high quality, state of the art, CE marked and FDA approved RF Electrodes are available direct from Minta Medical, the legal manufacturer, with significant cost savings.